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Featured Projects

Creating and Managing an Event in Google Calendar

Tools: Articulate 360, SnagIt

This Articulate 360 course was designed to help a client more efficiently create and manage office events in Google Calendar, which the learner had no experience with prior to starting the course. Following her completion of the course, the learner was able to successfully demonstrate all learning objectives.

Adding Labels in Gmail

Tools: Audacity, Vyond, Camtasia

This multimedia video was created for a client who was working to transition to using Gmail as part of her office job. She had experience using folders in a different email program and was frustrated by the lack of folders in Gmail. After completing this walkthrough, she was able to effectively use and apply labels in Gmail.

Project Launch Trailer

Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro

This project trailer that was created to stimulate the interest and gain the attention of learners as part of a project launch event. Scripting and storyboarding processes were utilized to outline the project and determine the tone and direction of the video. A VO artist was commissioned to provide narration and video/photo assets were sourced from Storyblocks and the Library of Congress.

A Guide to Introvert-Friendly Meetings

Tools: Canva

This quick reference guide was created for a client who was looking to better engage his team members in meetings. The intent of the guide was to help him implement steps to reach his introverted team members, whose differing communication needs weren't being met in his current approach to team meetings.