I'm a Senior Instructional Designer who can design, develop, and implement engaging, high-impact learning experiences and programs for your team. 

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Full Course: Create and Execute an Effective Capacity Plan

Tools: Vyond, Adobe Premiere Pro, Quicktime, Audacity, Articulate Rise 360, Canva

The purpose of this course is to teach customers how to use the Capacity Planner, a new feature in the Gem software; however, it also aims to help users understand the broader implications of the tool. Rather than focusing solely on functionality, it provides insight into the real-world challenges faced by talent acquisition professionals daily.

The Capacity Planner is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution. Throughout the course, users learn how this feature can help them overcome obstacles, effectively elevating their roles into strategic partnerships. At the end of the course, they can confidently wield the Capacity Planner, not merely as a software feature but as a substantial game-changer in their professional endeavors.

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Storyline Block: Test Kitchen

Tools: Articulate Storyline 360; Vyond; Adobe Premiere Pro

This particular Storyline block adds a dash of fun to the mix, serving as an engaging knowledge check for the cooking-themed course "How to Cook Up an Automated Talent Pool." My toolkit? Vyond for crafting animated video scenes and overlaying the audio track, and Premiere Pro to whip the Vyond output into bite-sized videos for each distinct scene. These included question and answer layers, plus feedback for correct and incorrect responses.

The process didn't stop there: I imported each scene into Storyline, adding interactive elements that let learners stir the pot themselves, making choices and receiving tailored feedback. With this method, learners don't just consume information—they actively engage in the process.

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Storyboard: Introducing the Capacity Planner

Tools: Canva; Vyond

The creation of this storyboard marked the first step in shaping the introductory video for the Capacity Planner. Sketching out the rough scenes using Vyond, I breathed life into a storyboard template I'd designed in Canva. This storyboard served as my visual roadmap, aligning each line of the pre-approved script with the desired shot type.

As you can see, each scene is set up meticulously with corresponding visuals, voice-over text, and shot type. This process ensures a smooth transition from storyboard to screen, laying the groundwork for a cohesive and engaging video.

Trailer Video: American History Project Launch

Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro; Audacity

Despite its age, this project trailer still holds a special place in my portfolio—and in my heart. It was originally crafted to ignite curiosity and capture attention during a project launch event. Sure, my video editing prowess has evolved leaps and bounds since then, but this piece? It's a testament to my growth and a reminder of my journey.

This project was born from a rough idea, taking shape through many hours of careful scripting and storyboard creation. The process of sourcing and editing the video clips was equally meticulous and deliberate. While my other projects might give you a glimpse into my current capabilities as a Senior Instructional Designer, this one tells a story of my passion, tenacity, and the pride I take in my work, no matter when it was created.